Wine Country

When it comes to wine in the US, there is no other place that’s more well known or more beautiful than Napa, CA. You could spend an entire week there and still not come close to visiting all of the wineries. Most of the wineries are built on a spectacular piece of property where you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. We aren’t even going to try to say the Austin wine country could compete with Napa or even Sonoma. But, we will say its not as dismal as you’d think.

Austin Area Wineries

The Driftwood and Dripping Springs areas, just a few miles outside Austin, are home to a few, smaller wineries. Some of my favorites include The Duchman Family Winery, Salt Lick Cellars, Driftwood Vineyards and Wimberley Valley Winery. All 3 are within a short drive of one another and can be done in an afternoon. Duchman and Wimberley both have beautiful tasting rooms and their wines are pretty good. End your day at Duchman and eat at Trattoria Lisina, a popular Italian restaurant next door. Or, if you prefer Texas BBQ, end your tour at Salt Lick Cellars and then enjoy a genuine Texas barbecue feast in their restaurant.

San Francisco Area Wineries

Not only do you have the beautiful Napa and Sonoma Valley, but also the Livermore Valley. In each area, you’ll find several wineries, most of which are the big names you’ve heard and seen in the stores. Many of them have tours where you can see how wine is made and learn a little bit about the area. If you’ve never been, the California Wine Country is a great place to visit for the weekend, or even on a day trip.

San Francisco the Clear Winner

If you’re comparing Austin vs San Francisco on just wineries, San Francisco wins every time. With 3 major wine countries within 60-90 minutes driving, Austin cannot come close to competing.