Water Sports

If you like water sports, you’ll love Austin. With two lakes within a short drive, Lake Austin and Lake Travis and the weather to enjoy water sports without a wet suit, Austin is a water lovers paradise.

Austin Water Sports

What types of water sports can you enjoy in Austin? It really depends on the lake. Lake Austin is narrow and travels through some very expensive Austin real estate and is more suited for speed boats, water skiing, wake boarding and tubing. A controlled level lake, Lake Austin does not vary in depth as much as Lake Travis.

Lake Travis is a large body of water with many inlets and coves. You’ll find everything from party barges to ski boats to sail boats. Used for water level control for Lake Austin, Lake Travis can vary in depth depending on the amount of rain we get. This year, during the Summer of 2011, we’re having a severe drought and many of the coves in Lake Travis are empty. Homes that were once “waterfront” are now hundreds of yards away from the nearest water.

San Francisco Water Sports

San Francisco water sports are much different than Austin. With the Bay and the Ocean, San Francisco is ideal for those who enjoy windsurfing and surfing. But, with frigid water, you’ll definitely need a wet suit to be comfortable. Some have boats in the ocean, but you don’t see too many smaller boats and definitely no water skiers or wake boarders. The closest fresh water lake is a couple of hours away.

San Francisco Beaches

San Francisco beaches are nothing like the beaches you see on Baywatch or in Southern California. San Francisco beaches are more for looking at from atop the cliff above it, not as much for swimming and picnicking. Most days, its not warm enough to go to the beach in a bathing suit and be outside. But, if you are like me and prefer to keep your feet clean and free from sand, you’ll enjoy walking next to the beach and enjoying the beautiful views.