Golf Courses

One thing there is no shortage of in Austin are golf courses. You’ll find all types – from country clubs to public courses to 9 hole courses in all areas of town. Because Austin was developed much later than the San Francisco Bay Area, many of these golf courses were built surrounding a neighborhood, which gives Austin residents an opportunity to live on a golf course without breaking the bank.

San Francisco Golf Courses

From a scenery standpoint, you can’t get better than San Francisco area golf courses. With world renowned golf courses like Pebble Beach, The Olympic Club and Stanford University, its difficult to compare to the likes of Austin golf courses. Many of these courses, though, require a very expensive membership or an affiliation to the University.

San Francisco Golf Course Communities

San Francisco was developed long before the “golf course community” became popular. Many of their courses are built next to industrial areas or freeways or other non-residential areas, making very few opportunities to live on a golf course. Those that are fortunate enough to find a home on a golf course will spend several million depending on which golf course.

Austin Golf Courses

If you’re just a regular player whose looking to play at a pretty and challenging course, the Austin golf courses will be more than adequate. Many of them have beautiful Texas Hill Country views with challenging terrain. And, most of them are reasonably priced, so playing often would not be too much of a strain on your wallet. Austin even has several pay as you play courses, perfect for someone who likes to change up their routine.

Austin Golf Course Communities

Many of Austin’s golf courses are built around a neighborhood, providing quite a few golf course homes in and around Austin. Because there are more homes built on a golf course, you’ll find them priced from the $200,000’s to the millions depending on where they are. For more info about golf course communities, visit Austin Golf Course Homes.